Marcy Dann, MA, BCET, FAET


As a parent I can honestly say that Marcy Dann is the most gifted educator my children have ever worked with. Her innate ability to educate coupled with her many years of training and experience allows her to teach...anything...regardless of how her pupil's brain is wired. I have seen her at work in a school setting, a private setting and at an IEP.  If you are at all interested in furthering your knowledge of Educational Therapy I strongly urge you to take advantage of Ms. Dann's classes.  Regardless of your background you will emerge as a much stronger, compassionate and effective educator.
Marcy Dann is a highly skilled and compassionate educational therapist. She creates strong relationships with families and is wonderful about collaborating with other professionals to ensure that every child's program is individualized and effective.  My favorite educational therapist to work with!

Laurie Eisenberg, Ph.D.
Child Psychologist
"Marcy is an exceptional leader in the field of educational therapy. As her former student, I found Marcy to be an amazing resource. She provided in-depth insight about educational therapy and was readily available in making suggestions regarding treatment planning and interventions. One aspect of her teaching style that I found extremely valuable was her use of high expectations; this allowed me to establish ambitious academic goals and thrive in the field of educational therapy. As her former student, I highly regard Marcy as an excellent supervisor and mentor." JC

As a Graduate of the Educational Therapy program at CSUN, I feel confident in the skills I have gained. The valuable information taught to us as students prepares us as professionals in the field. I have found employment as an Educational Therapist within a month after completing the program, and for that I thank my Program Advisor and Instructor Marcy Dann. The field of Educational Therapy is so unique and enabled an individual to use their creativity in educating students!                                                                                           


I know you have never met my son, but it was a relief to speak to someone who understands some of the issues that my son may be dealing with and how they can affect school work and that its not just an attitude problem or laziness. 


I only wish I had spoken to Marcy sooner when I found out my daughter needed an Educational Therapist.  Not only did she need to start medication for her ADHD, but also needed a Speech & Language Therapist. Marcy had a keen sense of the situation and her input was invaluable. It would have been so much easier if from the onset of my daughter's diagnosis Marcy would have been there to offer her guidance and help us navigate through the process.